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 Post subject: DIEHARD vs tiger replay!my comment and pls give opinion.
PostPosted: Sun Jan 02, 2005 6:14 am 
I write this is just to share my experience of this game with you all only. Not show off meaning ok? (Tiger had more experience on this game and win a lot in any other maps compare with me that just only play Emerald. I just only play about 30 games so that is nothing if I only win tiger 1 game while tiger can win a lot of game in most of the time.) My english is not very good hope that you all can understand what I write here.

I don't know when he playing this game with me, he had put a lot of concentrate on it or not(becos everyday he had to play a lot of game with other and may have some tired while I only play a few game so I put all thinking on that game especially playing with tiger)

To have a clear idea on what I talking about the game, it is welcome for you all to see the replay. Quite interesting in it.

In this game, because is playing with Tiger, I play very very carefully. If make some mistake , then I can say bye bye to that game already.
Because it is random side, and I get FNU so at start, so I had to play defend way.

I put all LAV to have the first defend if his got SA open and attack to my place. (This also have to depend on some luck and I get that luck!)
Then for 4 SA placement, I think I am more luckly. My 4 SA is very near to each other(there are Derzhava{M}, Ittaleria{S},Fleetwood{S},Predel){S}), only split by 1 center country (Korshun{S}). If I get that country, I can link all my country together.
While tiger's SA placement is not so good as me(Willard{M},Keystone{S},Bangoria{s},Hanza{s}). He had 1 SA surrounded by me (Hanza{s}).(so in game, I can say that he is only using 3 SA economy to fight with me. That {Hanza} is just use to slow down my movement and force me waste some money on there.(I totally can't use more money and time on that SA, if I use on that, although I can get that SA but I sure lose on whole game.

I am luckly at opening, we both don't have direct contact.(He disclose Willard{M} and Keystone{S} and invade New Holland{M},Gornaya{S}).

I use the first 2 small SA(Ittaleria{S},Fleetwood{S}) direct invade the medium economy(Gloster{M}). (Because I am start as FNU, so I can't invade country as fast like him, most of my unit is just LAV)
Then he not disclose any more new SA to me. (I think maybe this is 1 of his tactic or maybe he just simply want to let me have first to open the third SA and then only decide on futher move)

so I start invade the Gloster{M} and he place 6 LAV to slow down my attack.
While to slow his attack, I put tower and LAV for both country (New Holland{M},Gornaya{S}). for that Gornaya{S}, I put tower at there to force him come near that place to attack. That country got a lot of tree at west, it will slow him a lot and force him to bring transport+more advance unit(Robot) to there. While I can wait for him coming first. Then when he reach there, I can disclose Derzhava{M} and direct go in attack his unit.
(This can slow him a lot which he had bring some advance unit with a few turn and hoping to get that money in that country but can't get it.)This is what I think at that time but later I think I had miss calculation on disclose timing so he success get the money. Which bring me to bad situation.

Another medium economy (New Holland{M}), I think this placement of 2 lav and tower can waste him the most time to get that country. Same with him , I also decide not to disclose my 2 SA(1 medium ,1 small) so that he maybe only bring a few advace unit to there (Gornaya{S}) to bring down tower. If I open too early, this may force him to bring more troop to there or he may decide to attack another country.(that one at middle which is 1 of my SA Predel{S}). I also can't open that SA on that time, if not I sure lose that SA because that time it is easy for him to use Willard{M} and Keystone{S} direct attack on it while I am too far to save it. (I haven't invade that neutral country (Korshun{S}) that can link all my SA together)
so I had lower income in each turn. compare to him (He get $5 ,I get $4).

then later when he come nearly to my medium SA and can bring down tower in next turn, I only start to open my medium SA. (I don't know whether is correct or not in disclose it on that time, maybe a bit late already because he sure get his $2 income at that country and if later I can't get unit go in that, I will have big problem in whole game.)and I sure that he already know that medium is my SA (1 medium is his SA, he attack 1 ,I attack 1, only 1 left)so he use tank and to block the border. The that time I know situation not good already. (If he control that country, my Predel will become next invading target for him and I think he may already suspect that Predel is my SA.

now he also disclose his third SA (Bangoria{s}) and start preparing to invade the south country(Crownland{S}). That time I haven't get the medium economy country yet (Gloster{M}) but I start preparing to invade the (Korshun{S}) which can link all my SA together. (This is the most important to give me fast help on each other SA)

While at Gornaya{S}, although he can get the $2 income on it but he had lose 1 robot and 1 tank on there and I also start invading the Korshun{S}. He put 4 lav to finish my mortal. I suspect that (Hanza{S}) is his SA so I start put LAV and tank to prepare for his suprise.(I feel that later he may disclose this SA to trick me focus on getting this country while he can control Predel{S}.

If this happen then with Predel lose to his hand, then that is bye bye for me on this game already. Predel{S} in this game is very important for me and him. Who get control on it, then that person is already wining 70% in this game. If he get Predel{S} he can direct attack my Ittaleria{S} or Korshun{S} then in Ittaleria{S} I had to use all resource to fight back while his can use his Bangoria{s} resource all attacking (Crownland{S}) and I had to use Gloster{M} to fight back. With Predel, he can easily defend his Gornaya{S} while I had to fight hardly.(he can get more resource compare with me on that). But if I can control and defend well on my Predel before he start invading it to buy some time for reinforcement into it, then I can drive him out from controlling Gornaya{S} and direct threating his Keystone{S} which he will lack of resource and hard to fight back in this game already.

so I also disclose my last SA(Predel{S}) to make up some defend and hope that to drive some unit into Gornaya so that he can't get $2 and to let my unit in (Derzhava{M}) go thru then this situation will become good to me. but I had miss calculation again :(
at Keystone I forget to look inside transport which have 1 robot inside, I though is only 1 at outside which will not able to finish my tank at that turn.
so with 2 robot , he can finish my tank at that turn. Then my Predel already in danger (if he can slow me in getting Korshun{S} while he use fast attack with advance unit into Predel{S} then I totally can't defend predel.) so he destroy my transport to slow down my reinforcement. I had use too few transport in this game and nearly lose becos of this.
(Until now, I still feel that my movement on Predel is very risk and I can say that there are some mistake on it) but luckly on other side, I had slow him a lot(which he still can't control the New Holland{M} and need to move unit into Gornaya{S} to defend the attack from my Derzhava{M}.

While on the other side, to prepare to defend Crownland{S} which will be invaded by him ,I had move a lot of LAV and mortal to there. (This had cause him to use more resource and time to invade it and I had success on that. He had to bring more tank and robot and still need to think whether want to attack on it or not.

Then as what I expected, he disclose Hanza{S} to keep me busy. All LAV to defend on it and trick me to invade.

He also start invading Predel and move transport into capital(that is no good for me to defend the country) (with controlling capital then later he may able to use aircraft to clean all my unit on that land while my aircraft can't attack deep in this place.) He bring advance unit(2 robot and some tank direct drive in) fast attacking into it. I only had a few LAV and tank to defend on it. Bad situation for me again.

That time he also get the New Holland{M} resource already and Gornaya{S} which bring more pressure to my Predel. My predel now invaded by massive tanks and robots. (that is what massive assault name for!)

Later I quickly use transport to drive my slow LAV to Predel to put more defend and I also finally able to move 1 LAV into Gornaya which break his economy by direct placing unit near my Predel or defend his Gornaya. He start to bring more unit go deeply into Predel to block me to move more unit to defend. I also start move my Rocket Launcher into transport to assist in front battle. He start buying aircraft and I think later he will move it to Predel capital.

At the same time, he decide attack Crownland{S} with 5 tanks + 1 robot and control the capital but luckly I had quite enough LAV and mortal + some tank ,1 robot to defend it. Later I bring my Rocket Launcher to help on there. This have 2 reasons. 1) is direct assist in Crownland or Predel. 2) is to trick his aircraft to Crownland. (this is what I think only, maybe he got his planning on moving aircraft to there). I don't want he to move aircraft to Predel which will help a lot at there so I move Rocket launcher to there and hope that he will move aircraft to Crownland. That time, only 1 rocket launcher cannot threat him a lot while with aircraft on Predel, I hard to play anything to him anymore.

Finally he move aircraft to Crownland so later which second rocket launcher, I can direct attack back to Predel while his aircraft on Crownland can't threat me much as I only have a lot LAV at there.

I also start moving robot and mortal into Gornaya to help my Predel. He start getting second aircraft and move into Predel(my nightmare!!!)
Then although he bring a lot of tank and robot into Predel, he still not able to finish all my unit at 1 turn because tank have to direct contact with my LAV to kill it while robot can assist at behind but for far LAV , he need to push more unit go in deeper (There are only a few hex grid that tank can direct contact to my LAV so it is not easy to finish all without help of long range unit. From there, I can see that if I can destroy the robot, I may have chance to defend the Predel so I finding a way to do that. That time becos I had break thru Gornaya, I can move transport with robot into it and start destroying the robot. I also use rocket launcher to destroy another robot. Then later he is lack of resource to call more advance unit to fight already. He had to use LAV to keep attack and had to move all unit back.

On the same time, I also had finish his robot on Crownland which he can't have any chance to get the Crownland anymore while I still have a lot of LAV + some tank and robot to keep going.
On Predel side, he also can't do anything more. (A lot of advance unit destroy and the most type of unit at there is only transport so finally I luckly get the win on this game.

(In whole game, base on statistics, you can look on it that Tiger are more on fast attacking way(becos he is PL) (a lot of tank,robot and transport+ some aircraft) while I use a lot of LAV to buy time and consuming his resource.
(In statistics, although show a lot of LAV had been used by him but most LAV is deploy to slow me in neutral country and in Hanza. While I use my LAV at start and in Predel.)

(for fast attacking method, it is ok if he can quickly control the other country with this expensive unit at start but if fail to control then later it will in lack of resource problem when in fighting with defensive opponent which both side had to consume a lot of resource to kill each other)

Consume resource tactic is forcing opponent to use expensive unit to kill cheap unit while must not let him control the country.
eg. 1 tank $2, 1lav $1, to kill 1 lav, need 2 tank.
so it need $4 to kill $1 while my 4 LAV can kill 1 tank(if I can surround that tank) so it is $4 to kill $2. In long run, you can see in statistics, on total cost that unit die(he got a lot while I not so much) He lose a lot of tank and some robot +LAV while I lose a lot of LAV ,some tank and some mortal.

that is great to play game with tiger.

 Post subject: I had offline to write it and forget log in!
PostPosted: Sun Jan 02, 2005 6:19 am 

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I had attach replay then offline and start write it. Later just connect and submit but my log in session had close so now I upload the replay at here.

50948-EME-DIEHARD(W)-MENTOR Tiger(L)-13.rep [54.47 KiB]
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