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PostPosted: Mon May 23, 2005 4:56 am 
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Ok, I’m tired from this nonsense already!!!
You know, we discussed almost the similar situation inside our clan not so far. Firstly it was many empty discussing like you’re doing. Some part of members supported one player, other part – another one. As result, the mostly part of our members decided that the player who timed out was right cause he hasn’t received any notice!!!
I understand yr position very well – you had the superiority. It’s a pity, of course, but you had to think over this in advance…
I’d like to talk about other situation. There are many games with obvious result, both opponents understand it. Additionally the Loser is making first turns quickly, much more earlier then 1 day. But in the end of fighting he begins to make his turns almost using all period of time. Taking into consideration that the Winner has superiority, I think that the Loser bores playing already in present one & after further turn, when the Winner doesn’t receive necessary turn on time, the Winner sees that the Loser has agreed with his defeat on such manner, keeping the silence...
You know, many players do like this - they drop the game & don't want co continue. What about me, I respect opponent's time & in the same time don't allow to waste mine.
Hope that there will not be any disputes re 2nd situation. Now about 1st one. Man, actually the MAN is War game – there are many ways how to win. One of them is timing out by limit. There is nothing special in this one. If both players accept one game, it means that they’re agreed with all the rules – directly re time limit. No matter if it’s an average game or any Tournament, no matter if it’s 1 day or 7 days limit – rules are rules, everybody know it. What about me, I’m just lenient for my MAN mates & no any discount for other ones until I receive appropriate msg in the last case!!!
I repeat it once again, all you need to do in such situations - just notify yr opponent beforehand...
Hope yr good understanding & kindly ask you to stop any further discussing…

Wo jiao Hei Long - zhe shi wo de Zhongguo mingzi.

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PostPosted: Mon May 23, 2005 5:12 am 

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"Hope yr good understanding & kindly ask you to stop any further discussing…"

No didnt really understand to be honest but appreciate you are not a native english speaker.

But please never ask anyone to stop discussing in a FORUM, which is used for debate, be it of the argumentative kind or harmonious. Unless of course you are a moderator then LOCK this thread of delete it. Uni had some valid points in his last post and we need to try and make the developers see that the time out system is poorly done and unfair to many players. Also pleading to players to be more lenient to people who make there turns in quick succession and give some grace over the weekends, its not a hard thing to ask, just fair play in my opinion i know the rules, but they can be bent, it really comes down to the individual, I would not have timed the game with uni, cause it looked like a good game also, i was enjoying it, now i cant and that dissapoints me.

As I said before in all my threads I think, it was the bloody weekend I had no time to send a messgage saying i was not going to be able to log on, for saturday, as I said I missed 1 full day only, i logged on friday and sunday.

Anyway Uni appreciate your post again and hope the mods and devs read your suggestions and improve the system.

And a plea to you to not time people out over the weekend :)

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PostPosted: Mon May 23, 2005 5:23 am 
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the time limit problem has been discussed in lots of other threads, the devs hopefully have read them and realise it is a problem (and they said they'd introduce chess type time keeping in mapr which hopefully they did.)

Have fun, that's an order! If you win even better!!
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