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ANUBIS OPEN Tournament
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Author:  tese1969 [ Tue Nov 04, 2014 4:07 pm ]
Post subject:  ANUBIS OPEN Tournament


In this topic will be published all the information about the tournament "Anubis Open".

Here you will find the pairing games of each round, the provisional classification, etc...

In previous swiss system (pairing mode) tournaments (<3500 Trinity, Aurora Open and Wasserland, The Chosen One), each round was only 1 game (red or green), but in this case, each round will be 2 games (red and green) against the same opponent. Therefore, the maximum score for each round which can get a player will be 2 points (2 wins). 1 game by side will be 1-1 and each draw will be 0,5 points.

If a player don't start his games in 2 consecutive rounds will be eliminated and the tournament will be over for him/her.

When the registration period has ended, will be fixed the number of rounds (depending on player's number).

I hope this tournament will be a good experience for all players.

Best Regards,

Author:  ruma [ Tue Nov 18, 2014 3:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: ANUBIS OPEN Tournament

I can not register for the tournament. The tournament was supposed to start on November 21. What's the problem?

Author:  tese1969 [ Tue Nov 18, 2014 4:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: ANUBIS OPEN Tournament

The problem, dear ruma, is that the maximum number of players for the tournaments was reached and therefore was closed the inscription. On the website you can see that end of registration period was November, 19, but today we have already 40 players signed up.

All players have had two weeks to register since it was posted on the website.

Sorry, but I can't delete any player.......I hope you understand it...


Author:  tese1969 [ Tue Nov 18, 2014 5:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: ANUBIS OPEN Tournament


I wish to thank all the players signed for their participation. Really, it was successful in both quantity and quality. They are among us some of the best ever and therefore, this tournament will be fantastic, full of memorable games.

After this introduction, I would like to recall some of the main features of swiss system mode:
1.- The players are ordered by glicko-points in time of end of registration period and this order serves as a reference for the whole tournament.
2.- Every player will play each round, if possible, against a player with the same score. The first round is a exception, because all players have "0" points and the pairing games are done (like you can see in the attached table) in order to initial ranking.
3.- The number of turns in won/lost battles is not important for any tie-break rules. Therefore, if the situation is fully hopeless, you can surrender or let the time run out without any additional consequence. This will help tournament's dynamics.

And now, let's focus on the tournament itself.

The number of rounds is fixed in 7. All the players will play 14 games in total.

In attached images below, you can see the ordered list by glicko-points, the pairing games of the round 1 and the award associated to this tournament.

The games of round 1 will start on Friday, November, 21.

Please, don't use this topic for questions or doubts about the tournament. Send me a on-game message or open a new topic.

Good luck to all and enjoy the tournament!

Ordered list of players_Anubis Open.jpg
Ordered list of players_Anubis Open.jpg [ 73.37 KiB | Viewed 18785 times ]
Round_1_Anubis Open.jpg
Round_1_Anubis Open.jpg [ 54.98 KiB | Viewed 18785 times ]
Anubis_Open_Award_forum.jpg [ 13.76 KiB | Viewed 18785 times ]

Author:  WiseMax [ Wed Nov 26, 2014 10:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: ANUBIS OPEN Tournament

A Newbie's POV.

Well, I never played against humans. The computer is relatively easy and to play against the "General Dispatchers of Transport Companies" is quite a shock.

I was expecting that I would either play against people of my own level first and having a much higher ranked player pitted against me for starters was a truly unexpected and troubling experience.

Of course I had not a very good distribution of my territories, so I am wondering if this is due to being the other player to initiate the games (maybe this is part of the tactics, what do I know...). Anyway, good or bad Ally distribution, I did not have a chance. This is due to my total lack of PVP experience, period.

So, I now set the course for my next games in any PVP: As soon as my score reaches -10%, I resign and forget about it. This is also inspired by the outcomes of some PVP games I watched.

I hope that my opponents have the courtesy of thanking me for not taking up their valuable time with childish hopes of turning things around.

This said, "Good Game" to all and cheers to my final (anticipated) score of Zero points!... :-)

Why the hell did I start my PVP experience with a... tournament?... Blame tese1969, LOL!...

Have fun All and please have fun with the Tournament's side competition "Least turns taken to obliterate WiseMax" ^_^ !... Cheers!

(edited for blatant typos).

Author:  happygrue [ Mon Dec 15, 2014 10:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: ANUBIS OPEN Tournament

I seem to recall entering the World Cup as a trial player many years ago as my first real experience playing against good opponents. It's a bit of a rude shock. ;)

The advantage of this tournament is that winners will be paired with winners so if your score approaches zero you will eventually be paired with someone else in the same boat. :D But chalk it up to a learning experience. Playing against humans is worth it, I doubt you'll want to go back to computer opponents after you get a taste. Have fun!

Author:  Lord Johnny [ Mon Dec 22, 2014 1:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: ANUBIS OPEN Tournament

if my game remains the last and if everyone agrees I suggest considering it a draw for pairing purposes and correct the score later.

Author:  tese1969 [ Mon Dec 22, 2014 5:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: ANUBIS OPEN Tournament

That could be a good option, because your game vs. Rem still is not fully defined and could take many turns more.

I don't understand why RAMBO300 and Os continue their games...They are fully defined!!!

I remember all the players that number of turns is not important in this tournament system.

Please!, there are many players waiting for 2nd round games!

Author:  Goo [ Tue Dec 23, 2014 4:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: ANUBIS OPEN Tournament

I propose to continue tournament to the next round without waiting of the end of defined games.
Regarding game of Lord Johny and Rem: it will be better if both players will agree the draw. In other case the game should be continued until result will not be defined.

Author:  tese1969 [ Tue Dec 23, 2014 5:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: ANUBIS OPEN Tournament

The problem, dear Goo, is that these games could finish, in theory, with time-out of dominant side and therefore the score of the game would not be the foreseeable.

I think it would be better if the players themselves were aware that it makes no sense to play in that situation.

Lord Johnny and Rem have the right to continue their game, unless they wish to draw it.

Author:  Lord Johnny [ Fri Dec 26, 2014 11:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: ANUBIS OPEN Tournament

I have no wish for a draw because I think I will win in the long term. What I propose is to count it as a draw in order to not keep everybody waiting for us .... I don't think it will matter that much for the pairing because since we are playing 7 rounds that gives us plenty of time to stratify according to wins and to eventually play against all players of comparable skill.

As I said before I think the other players should agree and not feel that I or Rem are in some way favored or unfavored in that eventuality

I would also like to add that Anubis is a map which can lead to very long games especially against closely matched opponents and this situation will probably repeat in the next rounds....

Author:  tese1969 [ Fri Dec 26, 2014 5:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: ANUBIS OPEN Tournament

I have simulated the pairings with both results (your victory and draw) and there is much difference in terms of opponents.

This system makes each round decisive for the future of the players.

If you are right maybe each turn help your opponent to realize their situation and the game may not last too.

Author:  Le_Roy [ Tue Dec 30, 2014 8:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: ANUBIS OPEN Tournament

Lord Johnny will win the game, time to start next round, isnot it?

Author:  Goo [ Tue Dec 30, 2014 10:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: ANUBIS OPEN Tournament

I agree with Le Roy. I think we should count victory to Lord Johny in this battle and start next round.

Author:  tese1969 [ Tue Dec 30, 2014 5:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: ANUBIS OPEN Tournament


Here you can see the pairing games of the round 2.

We still have 1 active game of the round 1, but I agree with Le_Roy and Goo that is defined in this moment and therefore we can start the 2nd round battles.

I think it will be great battles at all scoring levels!

The games will start on January, 2.

Good luck to all!

Round_2_Anubis Open.jpg
Round_2_Anubis Open.jpg [ 61.31 KiB | Viewed 18309 times ]

Author:  tese1969 [ Tue Feb 24, 2015 5:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: ANUBIS OPEN Tournament

Finally, my game vs. happygrue of round 2 is finished....with draw! :-? A hard battle against a hard opponent.

The game could continue for a long time and we have agreed that is better for all of us stop it to start the 3rd round.

Well, here you can see the pairing games of the round 3. (I think we will see interesting games in all score levels)

Games will start on Thursday, February 26.

Good luck to all!

Round_3_Anubis Open.jpg
Round_3_Anubis Open.jpg [ 61.29 KiB | Viewed 17046 times ]

Author:  WiseMax [ Wed Apr 01, 2015 6:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: ANUBIS OPEN Tournament

Any news on this tournament???...

Author:  Le_Roy [ Wed Apr 01, 2015 7:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: ANUBIS OPEN Tournament

still waiting all finished games...

Author:  tese1969 [ Wed Apr 01, 2015 8:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: ANUBIS OPEN Tournament

WiseMax wrote:
Any news on this tournament???...

Dear WiseMax,

You can to follow the progress of the tournament on the website (Tournaments section).

In this moment, there are 3 games still actives.


Author:  tese1969 [ Fri Apr 17, 2015 5:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: ANUBIS OPEN Tournament

Well, my friends...all 3rd round games finished...hard battles...

Now, we can start 4th round and in attached image you can see the pairing games of this round.

Players xcommander, Mars_Alator and Harlequin did not started any game in the last 2 rounds, and therefore, following the rule published for this tournament, they are eliminated. :-?

The case of Matt Helm is different. He didn't started the last round, but began the previous one (2nd round). The last login of Matt was 92 days ago and to avoid a odd number of players he is out of the pairing for this round, but if he comes back, he would play the next round (5th).

We have a historic battle in the 1st board (Morn - alex1978) and big fights are expected in the following...

Great players, great tournament!! :wink:

Games will start on Saturday, April 18.

Good luck to all!

Round_4_Anubis Open.jpg
Round_4_Anubis Open.jpg [ 61.02 KiB | Viewed 15529 times ]

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