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Patch 2.0.215 remarks & issues
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Author:  Bokkie [ Sat Sep 02, 2006 5:20 am ]
Post subject:  Patch 2.0.215 remarks & issues

Ah finally full screen menu, much better since I never used the background animation ..

Now under the "games" tab, it's not longer possible to heu, go through your games with the arrow keys.. Not a big issue, but it was handy to scroll through your games to see how many time you got left on the games..

Other things to check now :)

Other thing founded :D =>

I changed from lifebar to numbers above the units, and one unit didn't change it's bar. Changing back to the bar, and then again to the numbers solved the problem though.

Screens :

Here the one with the fault :

Correct one after changing back :

In the menu, there's no more background animation to see, but you still hear it. Rather dumb if you ask me..

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