1. Individual tournament: every player with M.A.N. 2 subscription participates on his/her behalf only.
  2. Rules . The tournament is held on a cup system. To qualify for the next round one must defeat his/her opponent in a match. Every match consists of two games (on 1 /8,1/4 and 1 /2 stages) and four games on finals stages. All the games are sent and played simultaneously. A player with two wins or one win and a draw (in two-games round) and with 50% advantage: three wins or two wins and a draw (in four-games round) gets the victory. If a clear winner is not decided (both players have equal results) the following additional indicators will be considered (in order of priority):
    1. Turn difference: total number of turns in lost games minus total number of turns in won games.
    2. Players’ Gliko-rating at the end of round.
    In case of early qualification of the participants for the next round, the match between them starts, regardless of the running stage of the whole tournament.
  3. Application. The tournament is open to everyone ( 32 and more).
  4. Drawing. Having analyzed all the received applications the organizers select 16 top seeded players (based on their Glicko-rating) and spread them on the tournament net. The drawing is held only once, so hereafter the player can trace his\her possible path to the final and possible opponents.
  5. Games. All tournament battles will be created as rating games, with normal allies density, unlimited in-game time, 10 turns of revenue and extended unit set. Each round will last for 10 days of chess-clock time with 18-th clock freeze the timer after each turn of opponent ). The final round will last for 2 weeks of chess-clock time with 18-th clock freeze the timer after each turn of opponent.. Every participant plays equal number battles for F.N.U. and P.L
  6. Maps. The tournament is held on the following maps.
    Prelimionary stage- Beotorum
    1/8 - Antarctikus
    1/4 - Crateus
    1/2 - Noble Rust
    Finals - Eden
  7. Awards. The winner of the finals gets «lifetime» title " Cup in middle planet"

  8. If you have questions contact tournament moderators.